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Our SEO Hosting features

Approach that never fails

Approach that never fails- Our SEO professionals utilizes the best and the most appropriate SEO approach after examining your business needs. We challenge that our approach will not disappoint you.

Needed keywords

Needed keywords- We focus only what is required. With our SEO tools, we pick the right keywords that are related to your business type. We optimize them to bring your site on the top pages of the search engines like Google, Ask, Bing etc.

SEO packages

SEO packages- You can choose the one you like from our wide range of SEO packages depending upon your online campaign needs. You just need to give us the details of the number of keywords and we will handle it all.

Competitive price

Competitive price- You will not find the same price at which we offer SEO services anywhere else. We offer the high quality SEO services at price that will not hit your pocket. It is because we aim at achieving absolute customer satisfaction and make every client a return-back customer.

Want to get on the top of all the search engines? Boost website traffic quickly? It is only our SEO hosting services that can bring all your dreams come true. Yes, our SEO services are designed in a way in which they will submit your website to more than 40 search engines and captivate the attention of potential customers.

Why SEO Hosting is crucial?

We build various websites that are located on different registrars and domains. Each website has unique IP in order to design a hub of sites and use them for particular purposes. It is a little tough to set your name in the market if you have control over only one website and harder to achieve success if all your sites have single IP. Thus, we will assist you in rendering the multiple websites with unique Class C IP addresses to give them a better rank on the internet.

Diesel Hosting can serve your purpose and bring you the desired results when it comes to SEO hosting services. Get in touch with us if you are looking for a reliable and affordable hosting expert.

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Plan No 5

5 Unlimited 5GB 50 GB $5.00

Plan No 10

10 Unlimited 100 GB 100 GB $10.00

Plan No 20

20 Unlimited 20 GB 200 GB $20.00

Plan No 50

50 Unlimited 50GB 500GB $50.00

Plan No 100

100 Unlimited 100 GB 1000 GB $100.00

Plan No 150

150 Unlimited 150 GB 1500 GB $150.00
Configure & order your VPS hosting
IP: DiskSpace: Bandwidth : SubDomain : PriceMonthly OrderNow
5 5GB 50GB Unlimited $5.00
10 10GB 100GB Unlimited $10.00
20 20GB 200GB Unlimited $20.00
50 50GB 500GB Unlimited $50.00
100 100GB 1000GB Unlimited $100.00
150 150GB 1500GB Unlimited $150.00