linux/windows dedicated server

Unlimited features of our Dedicated Servers.

High performance servers

High performance servers- Approach Diesel Hosting with confidence and buy Dedicated server hosting services. All our servers make use of Supermicro hardware of high specification offering the industry’s best possible performance.

Dedicated 100Mbps connection

Dedicated 100Mbps connection- The servers that we work with have an individual network port of 100Mbps. It is further connected to our redundant network while the add on service includes the connection of 1Gbps.

Instant provisioning

Instant provisioning- While some Dedicated Servers require hours and days to get activated, we do it immediately by exploiting our technology. Your servers get ready right at the moment you require it.

For the high traffic sites and bigger businesses, Dedicated server is the most ultimate option. Diesel Hosting offers Dedicated server hosting services that gives you a liberty for extreme installation, customization and flexibility. The entire services are backed by the support of our crew of experts.

What makes us unique?

Although there are number of hosting providers in the industry but we have set ourselves unique with our support and services. We proffer same day sever set up services, as our team starts provisioning your server the moment you ask for it. Operating system is installed in the minimum possible time while the technical staff looks for the configuration of add-ons. With this, our company also renders WHM and cPanel as an add-on for all the Dedicated servers. If you prefer that straightforward way of keeping your multiple websites managed then this platform is the finest resort. So, get ready to own your personal server and witness the highest performance of your website.

There is a reason with which we build and maintain every Dedicated server. Think twice before choosing some other Dedicated server hosting services over ours.

Choosing the best dedicated server

Locating an excellent and reasonably-priced committed server web hosting might be a pretty difficult venture and may also take a variety of time. Here are a few tips on choosing the Dedicated server for your business. Working machine: There are usually two types of devoted hosting servers which are the most popular in the international - windows devoted server web hosting and Linux Dedicated server web hosting. Linux, as all of us realize, has been designed in the framework of UNIX and is a totally popular website hosting platform. There are several motives why it has come to be the second one most used server. RAM and CPU: There are a number of things which could decide your choice. However, one element is for sure. In case your internet site operation is going to be annoying, it's far higher to move for the Dedicated server bundle which offers more effective hardware configuration. Bandwidth: even as choosing the Dedicated server you may need to don't forget any other critical issue and it may cost you extra cash. Bandwidth determines the quantity of data that may be sent or obtained by means of the server at any given time. If you have multimedia in depth website with plenty of hits then you may require higher bandwidth.

Features of Best Dedicated server

The servers used for web hosting web sites are both committed or shared. A shared server is a partitioned one and hosts more than one customer at a time, alternately a satisfactory Dedicated server in India is one this is used best with the aid of a single website and the ability of the devoted server is better than the shared one. With the population variety that the Indian sub-continent has, it calls for website proprietors to have measures in an area which can assist in dealing with large scale crowds. By using a committed server, one may be able to make certain that the commercial enterprise or the performance of the internet site does now not get affected and the website remains functional and jogging even throughout the height hours of traffic.

Configure & order your linux/windows dedicated server





Monthly price:


Intel Dual Core 2.4Ghz

4 GB 250 GB 8 $59.00

Intel Xeon E5345

8 GB 500GB 8 $115.00

2x Intel Xeon 2Ghz Dual Core

4 GB 500 GB 8 $155.00

2x AMD Opteron 2214 Dual Core

8 GB 500 GB 8 $140.00

2 X Opetron 3200 QUAD Core

32 GB 500 GB 8 $225.00

2 X Xenon 2.4 Ghz Quad Core

16 GB 500GB 8 $200.00
Configure & order your linux/windows dedicated server
CPU: RAM: DiskSpace: IP: PriceMonthly: OrderNow
Intex DualCore 4 GB 250 GB 8 $59.00
Intel Xeon E5345 8 GB 500GB 8 $115
2x IntelDual Core RAM:4 GB 500GB 8 $155.0
2x AMD 8GB 500GB 8 $140
2X QUADCore 32GB 500GB 8 $225
2 X Xenon QuadCore 16GB 500GB 8 $200
RAID Storage
RAID storage- With RAID Level 1 support, we use the highest range of storage on our Dedicated servers. Thus, the entire data remains secured making it a very unique feature.
Skilled Support team
Skilled support team- We hire the industry’s handpicked servers and professionals to work upon them. Our quick and responsive team is proficient enough to render the most reasonable and appropriate Dedicated server solutions.